The Chargé in Mexico ( Summerlin ) to the Secretary of State

No. 4400

Sir: I have the honor to report the arrival at Mexico City on the fifth instant of Mr. Thomas W. Lamont, Alternate Chairman of the International Committee of Bankers on Mexico. I understand that [Page 502] Mr. Lamont has the proxies of the British and French Sections of the Committee and is therefore able to represent all Sections of the Committee in his discussion of the matter of Mexico’s external indebtedness with the Mexican authorities. Mr. Lamont has stated confidentially that such a discussion may lead to wider matters such as the whole Mexican financial situation and what way, if at all, the investment world can be of real assistance to it, and that he will try to make very clear to the Mexican authorities that there is an earnest desire on the part of the Committee to be of service to Mexico.

Mr. Lamont has had two conferences with Mr. de la Huerta, the Mexican Secretary of the Treasury, and has been received by General Obregon. No statements have been made as to the progress of the discussions.

I have [etc.]

George T. Summerlin