462.00 R 29/552: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France ( Wallace )

165. For General Allen,29 Coblenz.

In response to your various telegrams30 on the subject of Allied customs control in the American zone, you are informed that although this Government will take no part in the enforcement of penalties decided on by the Allies, it does not wish to put unnecessary obstacles in the way of such enforcement. This Government, therefore, perceives no objection to the placing of Allied customs collectors at the request of the Rhineland High Commission in the Rhine bridgehead in the American zone if you consider that this will in no way endanger the safety of the American forces of occupation nor interfere with the authority vested in you under armistice conditions.

Secretary of War has been informed of this telegram.

  1. Commander of the American Army of Occupation in Germany; American observer on the Rhineland High Commission.
  2. Not printed.