812.00/25208: Telegram

The Ambassador in Belgium (Whitlock) to the Secretary of State


47. I am informed by Jaspar54 that Belgium regards it as difficult, if indeed not impossible, to withhold recognition longer to the Obregon regime in Mexico. They have postponed recognition because of their friendship for America. However, since Italy, France, and other nations have recognized the new Government, and since they are under the impression that England is on the point of extending recognition, they are becoming increasingly embarrassed on account of the insistence of the Belgian commercial element in Mexico, which latter are using pressure. They feel they are unable longer to postpone recognition. My policy has been to urge them to await Department’s lead, and I have thus far been successful. Jaspar promises me that no action will be taken for several days, at least until I have gotten in touch with you. Please send instructions.

  1. Henri Jaspar, Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs.