The Commissioner at Vienna ( Frazier ) to the Secretary of State

No. 181

Sir: With reference to my telegram dated May 20th and numbered 112,46 I have the honor to transmit herewith enclosed, for the Department’s information, the translation of a note just received from the Foreign Office informing me of the recognition by the Austrian Government of the “Obregon Government” of Mexico.

I have [etc.]

Arthur Hugh Frazier

The Austrian Minister of Foreign Affairs ( Mayr ) to the Commissioner at Vienna ( Frazier )

No. 2092/1 A

Note Verbale

In reply to the Note Verbale dated the 19th instant, the Austrian Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs has the honor to inform the American Commissioner that the Government of this Republic, after having sounded the governments of the Great Powers in this respect, could no longer see its way clear, for economic reasons, to refuse the Government of Mexico the recognition which had been repeatedly requested. This recognition became effective from the 4th of May last.

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