President Harding to the Under Secretary of State (Fletcher)

My Dear Secretary Fletcher: I have read with very great interest your letter of November 14th38 relating to the brief of the Legal Department of the Department of State38 on the decision of the Supreme Court of Mexico in the Texas Company case. I have not taken the time to make a study of the brief. Nothing has arisen to change my mind about our proper attitude toward Mexico. It will be better to have a complete understanding when we resume relations rather than to attempt to seek the understanding after the resumption of relations is established. This policy is quite in harmony with all that I said during the political campaign of 1920, and it is quite in harmony with everything which has been said directly or indirectly to President Obregon.

I am well aware that there is a change of front on the part of many interests which heretofore strongly opposed recognizing Mexico, if their attitude was not more specifically hostile. Apparently a number of these interests have come to an understanding on their own account and are now addressing themselves as agents of the Mexican government as a result thereof. I am sure this change of attitude has not materially altered the opinion of yourself and your associates, and I know it has not had anything to do toward effecting a change of mind on my part. I wish we might recognize Mexico and reestablish helpful relationships. It is futile to venture upon such a course without a complete understanding if we mean to perform our first duty in protecting American rights.

Very truly yours,

Warren G. Harding
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