The Secretary of State to the British Ambassador ( Geddes )

My Dear Mr. Ambassador: I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter of September 16, 1921, making inquiry as to the present situation respecting the Liberian Loan and the prospect of the Loan being sanctioned in the near future.

In reply I am glad to say that since our conversation, towards the end of June, the Administration has taken steps to bring about a conclusion of this matter as promptly as possible.

On July 29th the President formally requested the Congress to consider, in connection with the observations of the Secretary of [Page 370] State relative to the entire situation, the question of granting a loan to the Republic of Liberia. I take pleasure in enclosing herewith printed copies of the communications in which the question of the proposed Loan to Liberia was referred to the Congress by the President.

I beg to say in conclusion that the Administration continues to give its full support to the loan proposal and hopes that congressional action in keeping with the suggestions of the President may be taken as soon as other pressing questions now pending are out of the way.

I am [etc.]

Charles E. Hughes