President King to the Third Assistant Secretary of State ( Bliss )

My Dear Mr. Secretary: Your visit to us early after our arrival in this City and the observations which you were kind enough to make touching the probable delay there would be in the matter of your Government considering and determining the question of the Loan Credit, were highly appreciated. I was not unaware of the delicate situation involved in the act of transition of Administrations. It was never felt, however, that the utmost period of waiting would exceed one month.

Agreeably to your Department’s pointed suggestion through your Legation at Monrovia that I should head the Liberian Mission,5 and impelled, too, by an intense desire to see the plans of my Administration for economic and industrial improvements put into operation at the earliest possible moment, I have come to the United States hoping to thereby accelerate the labours of the Mission from all angles. My stay in this Country, however, is now becoming alarmingly protracted and the duties of my Government at home urgently require my presence. In these circumstances, I feel obliged (although with no feelings of impatience) to earnestly request your good office in bringing to an early decision the subject matter of my mission.

Meanwhile, I avail myself of this occasion to reiterate my feelings of profound appreciation for the keen interest, which I have reason to believe, your Government will continue to manifest in the security and welfare of Liberia.

I am [etc.]

C. D. B. King