741.9411/118a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Great Britain ( Harvey )52

353. For your information only.

The following statement was given out at the Department of State today:

“In view of a despatch of the Associated Press, with respect to the renewal of the Anglo-Japanese Alliance, published this morning to the effect that ‘It is understood that the State Department has been kept fully informed of the plans of the British Government, and that it has been given assurances that in the renewal of the treaty every precaution will be taken to guard against the inclusion of anything inimical to American rights,’ it is deemed proper to say that the State Department is not informed with respect to the plans of the British Government and has received no assurances in the matter.

“This statement is made to avoid the receiving by the American public of a false impression that the Department has been kept cognizant of the progress of the negotiations.”

  1. The same to the Chargé in Japan, as no. 98.