The Japanese Embassy to the Department of State


The Japanese Government are gratified to learn of the willingness of the Secretary of State to agree to the elimination of Paragraph 7 of his Memorandum of September 28, 1921, setting forth the terms of the provisional use of the Naba–Yap–Guam cables for the transmission of messages between Japan and the United States. They are happy to confirm the understanding on which the elimination of said Paragraph is agreed to by the Secretary of State, as indicated in his Memorandum of October 6. At the same time, the Japanese Government understand on their part that the use of the Naba–Yap–Guam cables contemplated in the present arrangement is only a provisional measure of emergency called for by the unusual congestion of traffic, especially in view of the forthcoming Washington Conference, and that any arrangement which may later be proposed for the resumption of the service of the Yap–Menado cable, pending ultimate agreement on the disposition and working of all the former German cables radiating from Yap, will likewise be of a provisional nature for a similar purpose.