The Japanese Embassy to the Department of State


Dislocation has recently taken place in the existing Tokio–Bonin cable at a point near the Bonin Islands, making the duplex system unworkable. Telegraphic service between Japan and the United [Page 308] States has thus been seriously impaired. The repairing is urgently needed, especially in view of the coming Conference at Washington,46 but owing to unfavorable conditions of weather, it has been found impossible to commence the work before April or May next. As a purely provisional measure to secure communication between Japan and the United States in this anomalous situation, it is now proposed to make use of the Naba–Yap–Guam cable on the following terms:—

Until the Tokio–Bonin cable shall have been properly repaired, the Naba–Yap–Guam cable is to be used as its auxiliary line for transmission of messages between Japan and the United States.
The work of repairing the Tokio–Bonin cable is to be undertaken immediately upon the improvement of atmospheric conditions in April or May next.
The Yap end of the Yap–Guam cable is to be worked by the Japanese Telegraph Administration, and the Guam end by the Commercial Pacific Cable Company as before the war.
Particulars relating to the telegraph service are to be directly arranged between the Japanese Telegraph Administration and the Commercial Pacific Cable Company.
It is understood that the present arrangement is entirely without prejudice to any ultimate arrangement which may be reached with regard to the disposition and working of the former German cables radiating from Yap.

  1. Conference on the Limitation of Armament, Washington, Nov. 12, 1921–Feb. 6, 1922.