838.51/1164: Telegram

The Chargé in Haiti ( Jordan ) to the Secretary of State

76. My 74, November 3, 11 a.m.35 Memorandum in reply received today from Haitian Government containing following points:

Haitian Government considered that protocol of October 3rd, 1919,36 has lapsed and that a loan cannot now be contracted under this instrument which no longer exists.
That it is impossible to consent to having all the revenues of the Republic pledged for 30 years for the payment of a loan of $14,000,000.
That even if it be granted that the protocol of October 3rd, 1919, still exists the Haitian Government persists in believing that the conditions thereof being modified by the amount of the new loan it is not [now] necessary that the terms of a new protocol be studied.

Translation of memorandum by mail.35