838.51/1055: Telegram

The Minister in Haiti (Bailly-Blanchard) to the Acting Secretary of State

5 [6]. At meeting of treaty officials, 12th, General Receiver of Customs brought up the question of present financial situation of Haiti, and submitted statements showing that the carrying out of plan as approved by the Department by its radio 95, of October 19, 7 p.m.,20 results in a total deficit for October, November and December of $503,926.23 due to the falling off in the customs receipts and the balance to the credit of the Haitian Government on December 31, after payment of budgetary expenses and supplementary and extra credits, was $14,735.22.

The consensus of opinion of the meeting, concurred in by Admiral Knapp21 and myself, is that the only solution for relief of situation is to temporarily waive setting aside $175,000 monthly for interest and amortization public debt as stipulated in protocol, October 3, 1919,22 as service of external debt, interest and amortization to September 30, 1921, is provided for by the conversion of $136,000 monthly already set aside for October, November and December at average francs 16.50 for a dollar.

The favorable consideration Department and decision requested as soon as possible as there will be no funds to meet January expenses other than receipts during said month. Report by mail today.23 Admiral Knapp who is expected to arrive Washington 17th will fully explain situation.

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