The Secretary of State to the Minister in Haiti ( Bailly-Blanchard )

No. 398

Sir: The Department is enclosing herewith a personal letter from the President in reply to one from the President of Haiti under date of March 4, 1921, transmitted through the Haitian Legation at Washington on March 24th.

You will transmit this letter of the President to its high destination.

I am [etc.]

For the Secretary of State
Henry P. Fletcher

President Harding to President Dartiguenave

Mr. President: I have received, through the Haitian Minister at Washington, the letter which you did me the honor to address to me on March 24 [4], 1921, and I appreciate very much the greeting which it conveys to me although I note with concern your statements regarding the operation of the Treaty of September 16, 1915.

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It is indeed unnecessary, I feel certain, Mr. President, for me to assure you of the deep interest I take in the Haitian Republic and in matters affecting the relationship between Haiti and the United States. Consonant with this interest, I shall be happy to give careful consideration to the matters which you present with regard to the execution of the Treaty, as well as the suggestions which you make in reference thereto. I am confidently of the opinion that your Government and that of the United States will find themselves in satisfactory accord concerning the operations of the Treaty of 1915, since the policy which actuates this Government in that relationship is based upon the desire to cooperate with the Haitian Government in every way practicable for the advancement, welfare and prosperity of the Haitian Republic and its people.

Thanking you for the friendly sentiments of your communication, I avail myself [etc.]

Warren G. Harding