368.117/108: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Greece (Hall)

54. Your 82, June 7 and 89, June 17.

Ask that holders of American passports who have already been arrested, as well as those arrested hereafter, be taken to nearest American consulates for examination of papers. In taking these cases up with the Greek authorities you should, while calling particular attention to Greek Law No. 120 and assurances reported in your Nos. 25, 50 and 71 of March 13, 1920 and April 6 and May 12, 1921, make it clear that this Government does not admit the right of the Greek authorities to impress into the Greek Army naturalized American citizens, whether of Greek, Turkish or other origin, who have not taken up permanent residence in Greece or otherwise forfeited their right to this Government’s intervention in connection with this matter.
Request that instructions be issued to Greek authorities to refrain from taking up passports held by American citizens, and to return, in accordance with previous assurances, those which have already been taken up.
Mail Department copy and translation of Greek Law No. 120 and official statement reported in your 71, May 12.25
  1. Documents requested were received as enclosures to despatch no. 730, Aug. 8; not printed.