368.117/92: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Greece (Capps)

90. Your 220 and 246 October 15th 1 p.m. and November 11th noon respectively.

Under no circumstances should Consuls visa Greek passports held by Americans describing them as Greeks as such action inconsistent. Please make most earnest representations to Foreign Minister concerning status of naturalized American citizens of Greek origin. Explain that such persons were required when they were naturalized to renounce allegiance to Greece. Express desire of this Government that they be permitted to visit their native land for temporary and legitimate purposes without molestation because of their original allegiance. Say that this Government cannot admit the right of Greek authorities to take up American passports held by naturalized Americans, and request immediate surrender to you of all such passports heretofore seized in order that owners may return therewith to this country.