818.6363Am6/29: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consul at San José (Chase)

Your September 30, 2 P.M. While Department does not desire that you should make request for annulment of Amory concession, you are authorized to suggest to Costa Rican Government that this concession was granted against wishes of the United States Government which informed the Costa Rican Government at the time that it considered it most important that only approved Americans should possess oil concessions in the neighborhood of Panama Canal and that Amory concession did not appear to meet these requirements. At present time it is doubted whether the concession is controlled by bona fide American interests in good standing. You may further recall to the attention of the Costa Rican Government that the United States Government has declared that it would not consider any claims of American citizens arising from a business transaction with the Tinoco administration as worthy of its diplomatic support.