818.00/875: Telegram

The Consul at San José ( Chase ) to the Secretary of State

At the request of Aguilar Barquero the following telegram was sent to the American Minister in Nicaragua.

“September 6, 7 a.m.

Francisco Aguilar Barquero, now exercising executive power in Costa Rica under the old constitution, told me this morning that Acosta desires to bring his forces under arms to San José to surrender them direct to him but that he fears trouble from this and must insist that they come without arms if at all. He stated that he was willing that they (should?) come unarmed but that any attempt otherwise will be forcibly resisted. The country seems to be tranquil and contented now. All Tinoco agents are reported discharged. When Acosta returns there will be a great manifestation and his forces, if armed, might lead to trouble. He requested that you should be asked to use your good offices in all possible ways to persuade Acosta to come but not in an attitude of aggression, assuring all of them full guarantee and protection. In view of all possibilities of unforseen developments this appears as a very reasonable requirement.”