818.00/870: Telegram

The Consul at San José (Chase) to the Secretary of State

Immediately after I had an interview with Quiros yesterday morning he called Barquero and soon [sic] many prominent citizens and after a long discussion it was decided that Barquero take the Presidency and Quiros becomes the Minister of War. Change in the Government today or tomorrow. It was deemed advisable to defer elections for a while owing to danger of disorders.

The resolution adopted was (translation)

“to advise the Vice President, General Juan Bautista Quiros, to call Attorney Francisco Aguilar Barquero to the Presidency and that the latter associated with a ministry of national union should call general elections as soon as possible for President of the Republic and furthermore to give a vote of thanks to General Juan Bautista Quiros as for his noble loyal acts of public liberty in his short government.”