818.00/847: Telegram

The Costa Rican Minister of Foreign Affairs ( Vargas ) to the Secretary of State

I have the honor to respectfully communicate Your Excellency through the consent [sic] Congress of Costa Rica by a law dated the 20th instant accepted the resignation of the President of the Republic General Federico Tinoco, and in accordance with the political constitution commissioned the task of the executive power for the rest of the presidential period which will end the 8th of May, 1923, to the first vice president, General Juan Bautista Quiros, who has taken charge of that high office from the 12th instant, on account of the leaving of the country of Mr. Tinoco in the use of the license granted upon him by the Senate, for an unlimited time. The new constitutional government of Costa Rica renews in this present opportunity to the honorable Government of the United States of America the feelings of sincere cordiality and the traditional good friendship of the Costa Rican people towards the American people and makes the most sincere wishes for the increase of the intercourse that should unite both countries for the benefit of their own interests and mutual regard, and for this purpose the Government of Your Excellency can always count with the best good will and loyal cooperation of my Government. I beg Your Excellency to accept [etc.]

Guillermo Vargas