818.00/833: Telegram

The Minister in Nicaragua ( Jefferson ) to the Secretary of State

Have just had very interesting conference with President Chamorro relative to Costa Rican situation. It seems that Nicaraguan Consul-General in Costa Rica was called by the new President and was given to understand that he might assure President Chamorro that the Nicaraguan Government would receive the most cordial [Page 855] and just treatment at his hands. At the same time he requested him to ask President Chamorro to use good offices in helping to bring about a peaceable arrangement between revolutionary forces and Costa Rican Government. Ex-President Rafael Iglesias of Costa Rica arrived here today and probably will discuss this matter with Chamorro and Julio Acosta.

It seems that young Quiros, who has been with Acosta, left yesterday to consult with his father, now President of Costa Rica.

President Chamorro desires very much to know for his guidance the attitude of the Department towards the new Government in Costa Rica.

It is my opinion that now is the opportune time for the Department to let the new administration fully understand its position and I believe that Chamorro and I may be able to bring about final settlement of difficulties satisfactory to the Department.