The Acting President of Panama (Porras) to the Assistant Secretary of State (Phillips)

My Dear Mr. Phillips: Minister Price, in a conversation with me, has called my attention to the fact that the United States in its negotiations with Colombia, has already reached an agreement as to the boundary line between the latter and Panamá. Minister Price has furthermore presented to me several documents of which I was ignorant, and it all has made me comprehend the inadvisability of insisting in my views on the subject, as it is not my intention to hamper the United States negotiations with Colombia, but rather to secure for it such advantages as to place under the provisions of the [Page 80] Panamá Canal Treaty the Atrato river basin, which is the only competitor left to the Panamá Canal, and which historically forms part of the Panamanian territory that voluntarily joined Colombia at the time of its independence from Spain.

I hope that this withdrawal on my part from any controversy will be pleasing to you, and, with kindest regards, I am

Sincerely yours,

Belisario Porras