818.00/599: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Nicaragua (Jefferson)

Department’s May 3, 4 p.m., May 7, 3 p.m.

Department has received a letter from Carlos Lara, Costa Rican Agent in Washington to the following effect:5 The hostile movement in the neighboring state of Nicaragua did not emanate from the enemies of the Tinoco government in Costa Rica but on the contrary had its inception, birth and development to its present state in Nicaragua and this with the full knowledge and consent of her authorities. Out of the thousand men that composed the expeditionary force for despoliation of Costa Rican territory can be found only 20 Costa Ricans. It would seem as if the whole world now centered at Paris to establish universal peace, would protest indignantly [Page 817] to Nicaraguan Government. Costa Rica believes that a decisive word from the United States Government to that of Nicaragua would avert the invasion of Costa Rica. Costa Rica has a right to expect that the American Government will exercise its powerful influence to crush the germ of this fraternal warfare.

You are directed to urge upon President Chamorro in the strongest manner possible, that he take all means in his power to prevent the departure from Nicaragua of armed expeditions into Costa Rica. If in your judgment it would help matters, urge President Chamorro to send forces immediately to police the frontier.

At a time when representatives of most of the countries of the world are gathered in Paris to establish a permanent peace, this Government views with especial regret breaking out of warfare and the shedding of blood in Central America and desires that everything possible be done to put an end to this condition.

  1. Letter, dated May 9, not printed.