818.00/599: Telegram

The Minister in Nicaragua ( Jefferson ) to the Acting Secretary of State

Department’s May 3, 4 p.m. Julio Acosta accompanied by several Costa Rican exiles left Granada Saturday. It is reported they are proceeding in the direction of Sapoa, however, it is difficult to learn dates of their movements or just where they expect to join the squads of men which they have already sent towards the frontier. It is said that they will have an organization of probably 500 men many of whom, so I am informed, are Nicaraguans.

President Chamorro informed me that quite a number of Nicaraguans have been going to Costa Rica for the purpose of joining Tinoco and also quite a number have joined the exiles, and that it has been difficult for him to police the frontier having only ten men. Being desirous of acceding to the wishes of the Department to maintain strict neutrality, he requests the Department to advise him as to the advisability of his placing an additional force 150 or 200 men on the border in order that he may better patrol the frontier. He stated that the financial plan of only authorizing [sic] the payment of a [certain] number of soldiers and that he would not exceed this without the proper authority.

The President stated that he had received telegram from Pena Blanca that an officer of Tinoco crossed the border with a small body of men and took 13 mules from a mule buyer named (Pearto?) said to be employee of the United Fruit Company.