818.00/595: Telegram

The Minister in Nicaragua ( Jefferson ) to the Acting Secretary of State

Department’s April 29, 7 p.m. Julio Acosta and the Costa Rican exiles here have continued secretly organizing small bodies of men for the purpose of invading Costa Rica. I am informed that already they have sent 150 men towards the Nicaraguan-Costa Rican boundary and that they expect before the end of the week to have a well organized body of about 300.

Acosta, so I was informed by the President, is reported to have said that he had left Salvador with the full intention of returning to Costa Rica and putting out Tinoco, and it mattered not if he should sacrifice his life in the attempt. Acosta apparently has the sympathy of President of Salvador.

Chamorro has not given any material military assistance but apparently sympathizes with exiles.

Tinoco through Irias has summoned more Nicaraguan Liberals for military duty. One Colonel Arroliga, an artilleryman, left here a few days ago to join Tinoco. He is reported to be the one that during the Mena revolution handled the artillery and bombarded Managua.

Late reports are to the effect that Tinoco has sent forces to the frontier near La Cruz in Guanacaste.