818.00/589: Telegram

The Minister in Nicaragua ( Jefferson ) to the Acting Secretary of State

The Department’s April 21, 4 p.m. In running down the rumor to the effect that the Costa Rican exiles aided by followers in Nicaragua, Honduras and Salvador are making the attempt to invade Costa Rica, it appears that Julio Acosta, Raul Acoista, Doctor Giustiniani and Castro Quesada have been seeking a military leader and have induced the Mexican General Chao to lead their forces. Also, yesterday I learned that they had conferred with General Mena who is apparently noncommittal. It has leaked out that their plan is to organize and meet in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, and once there to set up a provisional government likely with Julio Acosta as its president, and immediately afterwards to offer military resistance to Tinoco Government. It is reported that they have 2 machine guns, 300 rifles and 50,000 rounds of ammunition and that these count on strong support from a large number of Costa Ricans after their arrival in Guanacaste.

Yesterday President Chamorro arrived after a two weeks absence and I discussed this question with him and he assured me that he had not consented to any such movement but on the contrary had instructed his officers and men to give no assistance. I believe that the President is sincere in his representations to me and will act in accordance with the Department’s desires.