711.21/491: Telegram

The Minister in Colombia (Philip) to the Secretary of State

127. Last paragraph my August 21st, 11 a.m. and my despatch number 112 of August 8th, last.28 President has sent me a memorandum of our conversation of August 4th, in which he again brings up the question of the proposed modifications of paragraph[s] 1 and 5 of article 2 of the treaty of 1914. Apparently he desires very greatly to have the clause relative to the contingency of war left as originally drafted in paragraph 1, and that the other modifications provided for in article 2 likewise should be waived by our Government in consideration of the fact that the Colombian Government may now agree to sign the proposed proctocol, which he considers in the light of a further concession required by our Government.

In conversation regarding this he said that he apprehended great opposition here now to the change in paragraph[s] of article 2 and that he begs that every effort be made by our Government to arrange for leaving this in the treaty, and if possible that the entire article 2 be left unchanged. He further said that article 33 of the Colombian Constitution guaranteed the rights of foreigners, but that he thought every assurance desired could be given in a protocol et cetera.

  1. Neither printed.