711.21/477: Telegram

The Minister in Colombia (Philip) to the Acting Secretary of State

100. Strictly confidential for Mr. Polk. I respectfully submit, for your approval, the following statement with the suggestion that it be forwarded to the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee:14

“Mr. Chairman etc; After a residence of nearly five months in Colombia as American representative, I feel impelled to urge upon your Honorable Committee the advisability of hastening action upon the amended treaty of April 6th, 1914, with Colombia. The Colombian Congress will convene on the 20th instant and probably it would have been highly advantageous to American interests in general if the Senate of the U.S. could have advised favorably upon this treaty before that date. In view of the prompt agreement by the Colombian Government to the various modifications proposed by me in February last, I had confidently hoped that opportunity might have been found to deal with the matter, which closely affects our political and commercial relations with this and other South American Republics, at an earlier date. With a full knowledge of the enormous pressure of business now before the Senate, yet, on behalf of what I conceive to be the best interests of the United States, I [Page 736]respectfully and earnestly advise an immediate settlement of this long standing difference. That such action on the part of our Government will be a noble one, will be doubly appreciated by these and other peoples of this continent if consummated without delay.[”]

  1. Transmitted to Senator Lodge, July 24, 1919.