793.94/867: Telegram

The Minister in China (Reinsch) to the Acting Secretary of State

Your June 19, 5 p.m.36 Association comprises all representatives British and American in Peking. They will be glad to express their views more fully and explicitly. Ministers and Legation staffs attend dinners but do not participate in business meetings. No American Legation member is an official.

Resolution is in accord with unanimous foreign sentiment in China. Japanese concern expressed to Ambassador Morris lest anti Japanese sentiment develop into anti foreign sentiment cannot be taken seriously here. Certainly every thing was done by the Japanese to involve others in the resentment against Japanese. It is probable that the resolution troubled the Japanese particularly because British and Americans united, whereas every [effort?] had been made to make the Chinese believe that the two Nations thought differently and to isolate America. The extraordinary campaign of infamous libel carried on by the Japanese press in China against Americans from the President down to missionaries and soldiers is indeed in a very different class from such dignified expression of public opinion. But it is symptomatic of the attitude of the Japanese and is unrestrained by the Government.

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