793.94/810: Telegram

The Consul cut Canton (Pontius) to the Acting Secretary of State

Administrative leaders Southern Government request following message be immediately telegraphed to President Wilson and the British Premier, Lloyd George.16

“On behalf of the people of China we desire your earnest consideration of the fact that the 21 demands of Japan and other secret conventions were imposed upon China by threatening war. Weak and helpless China was compelled submit Japan’s dictation at a period when other countries were in the early throes of the war. The demands and other secret conventions not only injurious interests of China, calculated to weaken integrity [and] sovereignty of the latter, but also seriously trespass treaty obligations with others. They are contrary to the letter and spirit of the 14 points ably laid down by President Wilson. There will not be permanent peace [in] Far East unless they are abrogated. We humbly request you listen representations of the peace delegates Wang Cheng-ting, Wu Chao-chu who represent real true interests of whole China and to have aforementioned demands and conventions canceled. Wu Ting-fang, Tang Shao-yi, Sun Yat-sen, T’sen Ch’un-hsuan, Tang Chi-yao, Lu Yung-ting, Lin Pao-yi.”

  1. Transmitted to the Commission to Negotiate Peace, for information, by telegram No. 1730, April 25.