793.003/4: Telegram

The Commission to Negotiate Peace to the Acting Secretary of State

566. Your 419 January 25th, 6 p.m. Without mentioning your suggestion or naming Doctor Willoughby I have inquired of Doctor Koo concerning the progress being made in the revision of the Colonial Office [the codes]. He informs me that the plan of making continental law the basis has been abandoned; that Wang Chung-hui in charge of the revision is a graduate of an English university and of Yale, well acquainted with English common law and is advised by Dennis,8 American, and by an English adviser as well as by [Page 683] others. Wang’s plan is to make Chinese custom law the foundation, adjusting it to modern conditions by a comparative study of other codes and by consultation with his advisers. This seems a very proper course to take. Before replying to your suggestions as to the appointment of Doctor Willoughby I should like to know what the Legation thinks of the advisability of making any such appointments. Please inquire of Peking. Lansing.

Am[erican] Mission
  1. William Cullen Dennis, legal adviser to the Chinese Government.