693.003/487: Telegram

The Ambassador in France ( Sharp ) to the Secretary of State

4157. Your 3775 May 1, 3 p.m.76 I duly submitted to Foreign Office matter of Chinese tariff revision or more exactly the application of the actual rate of 5 per cent. Ministry for Foreign Affairs replies under date of 8th instant that Minister of France at Peking having informed French Government of the proposals previously made by the Japanese Government regarding the bases of valuations to be adopted, they were submitted to the consideration of the Minister of Commerce who has just reported that the interests of French commerce would in nowise be prejudiced by the adoption of the system proposed, that is to say the adoption as of valuation of the average prices of the years 1912 to 1916 according to the customs estimates. In view, however, of the objections raised by the American delegates who seem convinced that the latter system would work hardship on the Chinese Government, the Minister of France at Peking has been requested to furnish certain precise data to enable French Government to appreciate the possible results growing out of either system. The Ministry adds that once in possession of this information it will not fail to take into consideration the possibility of proposing some equitable transaction agreeable to all the interests concerned.

  1. See footnote 75, p. 652.↩