The Chinese Legation to the Department of State

[The following translation of a telegram from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Chinese Chargé was left at the Department by the Chargé, February 4, 1919.]

With reference to the Manchurian Railway you will please bring the following considerations to the attention of the American Government:

In the proposed plan of unifying the Trans-Siberian, Ussuri and Manchurian Railways under an Inter-allied Committee, the Manchurian Railway stands on a different footing from the other two. This Railway was constructed under a concession granted by the Chinese Government to the Russo-Chinese Bank, and is a joint enterprise of China and Russia. Now Russia, on account of internal troubles, has lost control of the Railway. In accordance with the Chinese Eastern Railway contract China should assume control of the Railway. A third party has no right to interfere.
The Chinese Government, upon assuming control of this railway, should be responsible for its operation and maintenance; and the Ministry of Communications should send foreign engineers now [Page 593]employed by the various Chinese Railways to manage the affairs of the Railway and may avail itself of the services of the engineers from the United States who have been detailed for special duty in connection with the Chinese Eastern Railway.
The Inter-allied Committee remaining as it now stands, China should carry out the policy of that Committee.
China has already sent troops to protect the Railway, and the protection of the Railway should remain in the hands of China.