The Acting Secretary of State to the British Chargé (Barclay)96

Sir: Referring to Mr. Lansing’s note of October 8, 1918,97 I have the honor to inform you that at a meeting of representatives of the banking groups of Great Britain, France, Japan and the United States, held at Paris on May 12, 1919, with the sanction of their respective Governments, for the purpose of organizing an international group for financial business in China, the enclosed resolutions98 were unanimously adopted, subject to confirmation by the Governments concerned.

The Government of the United States, on its part, accepts and confirms the above resolutions and it is hoped that His Britannic Majesty’s Government will promptly give like confirmation in order that the formal organization of the new consortium may be completed, prior to the expiration of the old consortium agreement on June 18 next.

Accept [etc.]

Breckinridge Long
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