893.51/2165: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Sharp) to the Acting Secretary of State

8029. Your 4590, February 21st, and 4984, March 29th.89 Minister for Foreign Affairs replies that the only point on which some doubt [Page 433]had been entertained was the onus [expediency] of extending the scope of the new consortium to industrial loans which the agreements of the 1912 consortium had purposely excluded, but in order not to delay any longer the consideration of such an interesting proposition as that suggested by it the said point will be left to the decision of the representatives of the groups and therefore the Foreign Office has transmitted to the French group the suggestion contained in Department’s 4984 of holding a meeting in New York on May 15th of the representatives of the different groups.

However, Mr. Pichon90 raises the question as to the facility of reuniting in America at that date the various interested financial persons. He points out that the representative of the Japanese group, M. Odagiri, of Yokohama Specie Bank, is now at Paris; that Sir Charles Addis, who will doubtless, as usual, represent the British group, is at London; that the directors of the Banque de l’Indo-Chine, who have always had charge of representing the French group, are in Paris. He further states that information has been received that a representative of the interested American banks had arrived or was on point of arriving in France and he asks therefore whether it would not be simpler to suggest to these gentlemen to arrange themselves the place and date of their meeting.

  1. Both serial numbers are those of telegrams to the Ambassador in Great Britain; evidently they were retained in repetitions to the Ambassador in France. See pp. 424 and 430 (footnote 82).
  2. Stephen Pichon, French Minister of Foreign Affairs.