893.51/2147: Telegram

The Chargé in Japan (MacMurray) to the Acting Secretary of State

Kokusai local service published evening 8th instant following statement of Prime Minister: [Page 425]

“Apropos of Mr. Abbott’s visit to China there seem to be some who regard him as representing American capitalists and having a plan for attempting great economic activities in China by ousting and restricting Japan.76 I know that such is unequivocally untrue and regret that there are still mischief makers bent upon estranging the relations of Japan and America.

When he was here on his way to China I met him personally and freely exchanged views on the America-Japan relations on the investments in China. Minister of Foreign Affairs and of Finance also had frank conversations with him. Particularly Mr. Abbott when we met him expressed the earnest desire on the part of all the banks for the co-operation of Japan and America on investments in China. Needless to say the joint investment of Japanese and American capital in China is what has been wished for by Japan. Not only is this the best step for both Japan and America but it harmonizes at the same time with the true and permanent interests of China. I believe that Mr. Abbott’s visit to the Far East this time would mark a new epoch in co-operation of American and Japanese [capitalists?]. The return of American bankers group to the financial syndicate for furnishing loans to China is what Japan has been looking for and more than once asked the Americans to do so. I think the visit of Mr. Abbott would prove an effective means of realizing it.”

  1. See p. 687.