The Secretary of State to Senator Henry Cabot Lodge

Dear Senator Lodge: Last March Mr. Polk discussed informally with you a proposed treaty providing for reciprocal port privileges in Canada and United States for the fishermen in these respective countries. This treaty has recently received further consideration [Page 264] by Canadian and American representatives and has been enlarged to cover certain other matters, all of which embody the recommendations made by the American-Canadian Fisheries Conference after its investigations carried on in 1918. The hearings held by this Conference are now before your Committee to assist it in considering the Sock-eye Salmon Fisheries Treaty.

The enclosed draft24 meets with the approval of the Department of Commerce and with the former American members of the American-Canadian Conference. I should be very greatly obliged if you could find time to examine this redraft and write me a brief note stating your views in regard to it.

Very sincerely yours,

Robert Lansing
  1. The same as the draft of Oct. 24, p. 258.