763.72119/4825: Telegram

The Commission to Negotiate Peace to the Acting Secretary of State

1921. Professor Coolidge2 has informed Mission that he desires to be relieved at an early date as representative of Commission in Vienna. When Professor [Coolidge] originally proceeded to Vienna it was under the understanding that his mission was a temporary one and merely for the purpose of gathering information for the Commissioners in connection with the conclusion of peace with Austria Hungary. The Commissioners will therefore endeavor to meet Cooiidge’s wishes and relieve him at the earliest possible moment but not until further steps have been taken toward the preparation of the treaty with Austria Hungary and until the delegates from German Austria come to Paris. It appears particularly important that Coolidge remain in Vienna for the present in view of the present situation in Hungary.

I am of the opinion however that it is important to take immediate steps to find some one preferably from the Consular Service who could shortly proceed to Vienna to take over in a more permanent way the work which Professor Coolidge will be leaving. In this connection I suggest that the Department consider whether Consul General Coffin would be available for such a task. If sent he would not of course act in a consular capacity until after the signing of the treaty of peace. In case Coffin is not available for Vienna I desire an expression of the Department’s views as to who might be sent.

  • Lansing
  • American Mission
  1. Archibald Cary Coolidge.