763.72119/7435: Telegram

The Commission to Negotiate Peace to the Secretary of State

4826. Your confidential 3482, October 18, 6 p.m. Your understanding in regard to Committee on Coordination of Interpretation and Execution of the Treaty Clauses with Germany is entirely correct. The origin of [original] proposal of having the different Ambassadors as heads of the various delegations on this Committee was made by the British [undoubtedly] with the idea that-the Committee would merely serve as a clearing house between the Commission functioning in Germany and the Allied and Associated Governments. Lately it has been proposed with the support of the French and Italian delegates to extend the scope of the Committee so as to constitute a consultative body to consider matters of importance arising out of the treaty. In the Interim Reparation Committee, where the matter was discussed yesterday, the British delegate stated emphatically that he was against resurrecting the ghost of the Supreme Council after it had departed. The subject will undoubtedly shortly be further discussed in the Supreme Council.

France has named Monsieur Pichon with Monsieur Berthelot as alternate; and Great Britain, Japan and Italy their respective Ambassadors. Should the American Ambassador be designated as the [Page 17] American delegate on this Committee it might be well to make the appointment run to him “[or his] representative.”

. . . . . . .

American Mission