715.1715/89: Telegram

The Minister in Honduras ( Jones ) to the Acting Secretary of State

In further reference to your telegrams of December 14 [21?], 4 p.m. and January 8, 7 p.m., I have received from the Minister for Foreign Affairs note as final reply of Bertrand, substance of which is as follows: “The [construction] of telegraph lines to Las Trojas was commenced long before the present difficulty [over the] boundary with the Nicaraguan Government arose. Lack of materials caused suspension of line, construction [of] which has not been carried to Las Trojas but to Chichicaste far from disputed territory. Bertrand again protests firmest determination to maintain status quo and accede to friendly suggestions of the United States.

The Honduranean Government makes a complaint that Nicaragua violates [agreed] status quo by granting lumber concessions in the disputed territory, claiming to have conclusive proof. [Requests] the Government of the United States make representations to the Nicaraguan Government that it should desist from violation of status quo [garbled group]. The Minister for Foreign Affairs showed me documents supporting above. Have heard nothing since.