715.1715/84a: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Honduras (Janes)

The Nicaraguan Minister in Washington has received the following telegram from his Government:

“Inform the State Department that the Government of Honduras is committing acts which violate the agreement made recently with the Government of the United States.

The Honduras Government is opening trails and installing lines from the Honduras point Chichicaste to the disputed zone, having already entered Nicaraguan territory for the distance of one league. The Government has information of the sending of 50 armed men to the frontier. I demanded today of the Government of Honduras that the work be suspended by virtue of the agreement entered into by both Governments with the United States on accepting the friendly mediation of that country. I believe that this should be told the United States Government, calling attention to the aggressive action of Honduras, notwithstanding the conduct observed by Nicaragua in keeping to the terms of its agreement with the United States.”

You will immediately visit the Minister for Foreign Affairs and inquire into the above situation. If you find the statements of the Nicaraguan Foreign Office to be correct you will inform the Minister for Foreign Affairs that the Department of State is at a loss to understand the action of the Honduras Government, in view of its acceptance of the good offices of the United States Government in the boundary dispute between Honduras and Nicaragua. The acceptance of the good offices of this Government bound the Governments of Nicaragua and Honduras not to enter the disputed territory.

Reply by cable.