860 E.00/18: Telegram

The Commission to Negotiate Peace to the Secretary of State

4700. Your 3370, October 8th, 3 p.m. Perceive no objection to visit of Major Ryden and Captain Irvine of American Red Cross to Ukrainia on the basis of Bicknell’s telegram. General Jadwin29 met them in Ukrainia and considers their mission a useful one. Believe their reports may be of value both to Department and this Commission. Jadwin is at present preparing a report on his own visit to Petliura and to the headquarters of Denikin, which will be communicated to the Department in due course.

With regard to the “recognized Ukrainian mission” in Paris, there has been for a good many months a Ukrainian mission here which has flooded this delegation with propaganda. We are not aware that it has been recognized by any one and it is dealt with on the same footings as the numerous delegations of other [un]recognized groups. The acting president of the mission is Count Tyszkevytch and the Vice President is Dr. Paneyko. The latter, who is a Galician, is especially active in opposing Polish claims to Eastern Galicia. Two members of the mission have recently resigned as they supported the policy of federation with Russia, which was opposed by the majority. Paneyko confirms reported purchase by Ukrainian mission of war stocks from American Army but states they have been unable to ship them out of France. Do not know who American army authorities consulted in connection with sale but it would seem to have been an extraordinary action for them to take without getting views of the Department.

American Mission
  1. Brig. Gen. Edgar Jadwin, U.S.A., observer in the Ukraine, September, 1919.