860 E.00/16a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Commission to Negotiate Peace

3370. For Polk. Red Cross furnishes copy of the following cablegram from Paris:

“12721. Have sent Major Ryden and Captain Irvine, believed to be discreet and conservative, to make investigation conditions [Page 779] Ukrainia. Exact sections which they will visit to be left largely their discretion, though probable they will follow general course north and northeast, possibly as far as Kiev. They will interview all leaders various factions both civil and military, but are expressly charged to make absolutely no Am[erican Red] cross commitments. Ryden has had conference Paris with representatives both Denikin and Petlura groups. The recognized Ukrainian Mission, Paris, which has purchased large quantity American Army supplies represents Petlura Government, although since Mission arrived Paris. Poland has taken Eastern Galicia in which one or two members of the Mission reside. This territorial realignment apparently somewhat confuses the status of the Mission. Bicknell. Olds.”

Do you approve? What is the “recognized Ukrainian Mission, Paris”?