861.77/978a: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Consul at Vladivostok ( Caldwell )

For Ambassador Morris.

“Especially with regard to the restoration of the railways, please furnish at the earliest possible date, your views as to a comprehensive plan for economic reconstruction in Siberia and ultimately for European Russia. Please elaborate plan on basis of the purpose of the United States to assist Russia as formulated so clearly by the President from time to time. The Department would like you to consult Stevens and Smith, having in mind also that time is an important factor. Department desires your views on the spot and in consultation with others in close touch with the situation to form a comprehensive plan to assist Russia for which it is hoped the President will ask Congress for adequate appropriation in order to translate into action the genuine desire to assist Russia, which he has expressed on the behalf of the Government of this country.

Please have in mind that plan contemplates participation on the part of the Allied Governments.”

Communicate to Smith and Stevens for their information.