861.77/915: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Consul at Harbin ( Moser )

For Stevens:

Your June 28, 3 p.m.76 and Department’s June 28, 4 p.m. Charge 100,000 advanced to Emerson against last million dollars deposited Vladivostok. Commencing July 1st charge maintenance of Russian Railway Service Corps and other American personnel against same account, including salary and expenses for Smith. Referring your June 22, 4 P.M.76 draw against same fund for your salary at rate of 25,000 per annum commencing April 15, 1919 date when you asked such compensation which was referred to Paris and approved in principle.

As your services are devoted to carrying out this Government’s purpose to assist Russia, Department will approve such arrangement to cover your expenses as you may arrange with your Board or with Inter-Allied Committee, having in mind that only funds available at present to carry out our part of railway plan are 1,000,000 deposited Vladivostok as per Department’s June 28, 4 P.M. and 3,000,000 deposited to your order in Riggs National Bank here. Department understands the President expects to take up with [Page 268] Congress whole question to provide support for our effort in Siberia. He returns next week.

Referring your June 19, 10 P.M.77 Department is asking Director General of Military Railways to procure air brakes for locomotives. He will advise you cost of purchase and shipment which you will then authorize him to pay from $3,000,000 fund in Riggs Bank here. Suggest same procedure be followed in all other orders. Hereafter Director General of Military Railways will advise you through Department amount each month necessary for payment of salaries to families in this country of Russian Railway Service Corps as heretofore done by Russian Railway Mission in the United States. You will then authorize him through Department to make payment from $3,000,000 fund here. In this connection 105 additional personnel have been recruited from returning army engineers and other first class men. Hope to equip and transport them in next two weeks in spite of shortage of space on Pacific steamers. Several hundred applications received with full knowledge of conditions including present lack of insurance.

Department hopes foregoing is clear and and that it will give you the power and support to carry on.

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