Paris Peace Conf. 184.00101/40

Minutes of the Daily Meetings of the Commissioners Plenipotentiary, Friday, March 28th, 1919

  • Present:
    • Mr. Lansing
    • Mr. White
Mr. White stated that he had just spoken with Colonel House who had told him that Orlando was rather worried about the way [Page 138] things were going in the Council of Four. There were present at the meetings of that Council only President Wilson, Lloyd George, Clemenceau and Orlando, and the discussions were all held in English. Mr. Orlando, however, did not understand English, and it was therefore necessary for Mr. Clemenceau to translate not only what he said, but also what President Wilson and Lloyd George said. Mr. Orlando was therefore never certain as to whether he was being given the correct impression in the discussions. Italian Discontent at Meetings of Council of Four
Memorandum No. 182 was read regarding an account submitted by Prof. Douglas Johnson for certain expenses incurred in regard to the necessary entertainment of members of other Missions. The Commissioners approved of having the account in question paid by the Commission, and stated that in future if similar accounts were rendered by members of the American Commission the Commissioners would be glad to consider them for approval. They added, however, that any account which was approved by Mr. Grew would automatically be approved by the Commissioners, but that in case Mr. Grew was doubtful, at any time, the Commissioners would be glad to take the responsibility of making the decision. Prof. Johnson’s Expense Account
Memorandum No. 183 was read in regard to a report which had been received from the American Minister to Cuba respecting the action taken by the French in Cuba towards Syrians. The Commissioners noted with interest the statements of the American Minister in the premises and felt that it was undesirable for them to take any action thereupon. Report of Minister to Cuba
Memorandum No. 184 was read regarding the assignment of Captain S. P. Robineau to the Mission for the purpose of traveling to Germany with Mr. Dresel. The Commissioners approved of Captain Robineau’s assignment for the purpose indicated, and agreed that it was only fair that the Commission should pay him a salary equivalent to $3,000 a year. Assignment of Captain Robineau
Mr. Herter again brought up the question of Lt. Weller’s assignment to the Commission as an assistant to Major Tyler. This matter had been discussed on the previous day in connection with Memorandum No. 178. The Commissioners decided that in view of the facts presented with regard to the probable departure in any case of Lt. King, it would be well to have Lt. Weller assigned to the Commission at once. Assignment Lt. Weller
Memorandum No. 185 was read with regard to the proposed excursion to the Devastated Regions which was being planned by the Secretary General of the Peace Conference. The Commissioners requested that before making any definite decision as to whether they themselves would go [Page 139] on this excursion, an effort be made to ascertain whether any of the British Commissioners proposed going themselves, or whether other members of the British Commission would go. Excursion to Devastated Regions
Memorandum No. 186 was read with regard to a bill which had been submitted by the French Director of State Railways for certain special trains utilized by President Wilson and his party. The Commissioners stated that they understood that the French Government was going to pay the expenses of the trains in question, but as this appeared to be a misconception, they preferred that the bill be referred to the President. Bill for President’s Train