Paris Peace Conf. 184/160

Composition and Functions of the American Commission to Negotiate Peace, May 1, 1919

Commissioners Plenipotentiary and Personal Staffs

Honorable Woodrow Wilson, President of the United States.

  • Aide: Rear Admiral Cary T. Grayson, U. S. N.
  • Confidential Secretary: Mr. Gilbert F. Close.

Honorable Robert Lansing, Secretary of State of the United States.

  • Assistant: Mr. A. C. Kirk, Second Secretary of Embassy.
  • Aide: Captain James Garfield, U. S. A.
  • Confidential Secretary: Mr. Richard C. Sweet.

Honorable Henry White.

  • Assistant: Mr. Christian A. Herter, Special Assistant, Department of State.
  • Aide and Secretary: Lieutenant R. E. Condon, U. S. A.

Honorable Edward M. House.

  • Secretary: Mr. Gordon Auchincloss.
  • Diplomatic Assistant: Mr. Arthur Hugh Frazier, Counselor of Embassy.
  • Aide: Lieutenant-Colonel Benjamin Moore, U. S. A.
  • Assistant Secretary: Mr. W. H. Shepardson.
  • Confidential Secretary: Miss F. B. Denton.
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General Tasker H. Bliss, U. S. A.

  • Staff:
    • Colonel S. D. Embick, U. S. A.
    • Colonel U. S. Grant, 3rd, U. S. A.
    • Colonel W. S. Browning, U. S. A.
    • Lieutenant-Colonel W. B. Wallace, U. S. A.


Secretary General:

  • Mr. Joseph C. Grew, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary.
    • Assistants:
      • Lieutenant J. H. Smith, Jr., U. S. N.
      • Mr. Grafton Winthrop Minot.
    • Confidential Secretary: Mr. Albert Ward.

Diplomatic Secretary:

  • Mr. Leland Harrison, Counselor of Embassy.
    • Liaison with Secretariat General: Lieutenant Chester Burden, U. S. A.
    • Secretary: Mr. J. K. Huddle, Consular Assistant.

Executive Secretary:

  • Mr. Philip H. Patchin, Counselor of Embassy.
    • Secretary: Mr. R. B. Macatee, Consular Assistant.
    • Communications: Lieutenant N. E. Wharton, U. S. N.
    • Distribution: Mr. C. B. Welsh, Chief of Bureau, Department of State.
    • Translations: Captain Kenneth Mcintosh, U. S. A.
    • Indexes and Files: Lieutenant A. A. Chenay, U. S. A.
    • Stenographic Reporters:
      • Mr. F. A. Carlson.
      • Mr. C. A. Leedy, Jr.

Disbursing Officer:

  • Mr. William McNeir, Chief of the Bureau of Accounts, Department of State.
    • Assistant Disbursing Officer: Mr. George H. Harris.

Division of Current Diplomatic and Political Correspondence:

  • Mr. Ellis Loring Dresel, Special Assistant, Department of State, Chief of Division.
  • Mr. Jordan Herbert Stabler, Chief of Division of Latin American Affairs, Department of State,
    In charge of matters pertaining to Latin America, Spain, Portugal and Liberia.
  • Mr. E. T. Williams, Formerly Chief of Division of Far Eastern Affairs, Department of State,
    In charge of matters pertaining to the Far East.
  • Mr. S. Y. Smith, Chief of Diplomatic Bureau, Department of State,
    Drafting Officer.
  • Mr. Frederic R. Dolbeare, Second Secretary of Embassy,
    In charge of matters pertaining to Russia and Poland.
  • Mr. Allen W. Dulles, Second Secretary of Embassy,
    In charge of matters pertaining to Austria-Hungary and the Balkans.
  • Mr. Lithgow Osborne, Second Secretary of Embassy,
  • Mr. J. G. D. Paul, Special Assistant, Department of State,
    In charge of matters pertaining to Germany and the Northern Neutrals.
  • Mr. Leon Dominian,
    In charge of matters pertaining to Syria and Turkey.
    • Liaison Officers:
      • Major de Lancey Kountze, U. S. A.
      • Captain C. S. Forbes, U. S. A.
      • Lieutenant A. H. Leavitt, U. S. A.

Current Intelligence Summaries:

  • Mr. William C. Bullitt, Special Assistant, Department of State.

Field Observers:

  • Major Royall Tyler, U. S. A.

Military Information Section:

  • Captain J. C. Hildt, U. S. A.

Negative Intelligence:

  • Colonel R. H. Van Deman, U. S. A.

Press Bureau:

  • Mr. Ray Stannard Baker, Chief.
  • Mr. Arthur Sweetser, Assistant.

Ceremonial Officer:

  • Major H. J. Whitehouse, U. S. A.

Medical Dispensary:

  • Commander A. D. McLean, U. S. N.
  • Major A. R. Lamb, U. S. A.
  • Major W. D. McKenna, U. S. A.

Military Intelligence Library, G–2:

  • Lieutenant P. H. Moseley, U. S. A.

Technical Advisors

International Law Section:

  • Mr. David Hunter Miller.
  • Mr. James Brown Scott.
    • Assistants:
      • Mr. Joseph Bailey Brown.
      • Mr. Henry G. Crocker.
      • Mr. Amos S. Hershey.
      • Mr. Manley O. Hudson.
      • Mr. Frank L. Warrin, Jr.

Naval Section:

  • Admiral W. S. Benson, U. S. N.
    • Advisory Staff:
      • Rear Admiral H. S. Knapp, U. S. N.
      • Captain F. H. Schofield, U. S. N.
      • Captain L. McNamee, U. S. N.
    • Aide for Shipping: Commander J. C. Fremont, U. S. N.
    • Personal Aide: Commander A. F. Carter, U. S. N.

Military Section:

  • Major-General F. J. Kernan, U. S. A.
    • Aides:
      • Captain M. J. English, U. S. A.
      • Captain J. E. Ewell, U. S. A.
      • Lieutenant John Hart, U. S. A.

Economic Section:

  • Mr. Bernard M. Baruch.
    • Associates:
      • Mr. Alexander Legge.
      • Mr. Charles MacDowell.
      • Mr. Fred K. Nielsen.
      • Mr. John C. Pennie.
      • Mr. Leland L. Summers.
      • Mr. Frank W. Taussig.
    • Secretary: Mr. Andrew P. Martin.
  • Mr. Vance McCormick, Chairman, War Trade Board.
    • Advisory Staff:
      • Mr. John F. Dulles.
      • Mr. George McFadden.
      • Mr. L. C. Sheldon.
    • Secretary: Mr. H. E. Mills, Jr.

Finance Section:

  • Mr. Norman H. Davis, Finance Commissioner of the United States.
  • Mr. Thomas W. Lamont.
    • Counselor: Captain Jeremiah Smith, U. S. A.
    • U. S. Treasury Aides:
      • Mr. George Whitney.
      • Mr. Hayden B. Harris.
      • Mr. Herman J. Cook.
    • Secretary: Mr. Henry C. Breck.
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Food Section:

  • Mr. Herbert Hoover, Director General of the American Relief Administration.
    • Secretary: Mr. Lewis Strauss.

Labor Section:

  • Mr. Samuel Gompers, President, Commission on International Labor Legislation.
    • Special Assistant: Mr. W. E. Walling.
    • Private Secretary: Mr. Guy H. Oyster.
    • Liaison Officer: Major George L. Berry, U. S. A.
    • Aide: Lieutenant Francis E. Adams, U. S. A.

Shipping Section:

  • Mr. Edward N. Hurley, Chairman, United States Shipping Board.
    • Special Commissioner U. S. Shipping Commission: Mr. H. M. Robinson.
    • Assistant to Mr. Hurley: Mr. John E. Barber.
    • Legal Advisor: Mr. Harold V. Amberg.
    • Assistant Director of Operations: Mr. Edward E. Palen.
    • Liaison Officer: Commander John Fremont, U. S. N.
    • Statistician: Mr. C. S. Duncan.

Division of Territorial, Economic and Political Intelligence

Dr. S. E. Mezes, Director.

  • Office Assistant: Lieutenant E. C. Wynne, U. S. A.

Dr. Isaiah Bowman, Chief Territorial Specialist and Executive Officer.

  • Executive and Technical Assistant: Mr. P. T. Moon.
  • Secretary and Confidential Clerk: Mr. John Storck.

Dr. C. H. Haskins, Specialist on Western Europe.

Dr. Charles Seymour, Specialist on Austria-Hungary.

Dr. R. H. Lord, Specialist on Russia and Poland.

Dr. Clive Day, Specialist on the Balkans.

Dr. W. E. Lunt, Specialist on Italy.

Dr. W. L. Westermann, Specialist on Western Asia.

Mr. E. T. Williams, Specialist on the Far East and the Pacific.

Captain S. K. Hornbeck, U. S. A., Specialist on the Far East and the Pacific.

Mr. G. L. Beer, Specialist on Africa.

Dr. J. T. Shotwell, Librarian and Specialist on History.

Dr. A. A. Young, Specialist on Economics.

Colonel L. P. Ayres, U. S. A., Statistician.

Professor Mark Jefferson, Specialist on Geography and Cartography.

Dr. D. W. Johnson, Specialist on Boundary Geography.

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Administrative Offices

Major R. C. Patterson, Jr., U. S. A., Administrative Officer.

  • Assistants:
    • Captain C. N. Peacock, U. S. A.
    • Mr. J. Wattawa, Special Assistant, Department of State.
Col. E. G. Peyton, U. S. A. Commanding Officer, Hdqs. Battalion
Captain Whitney Newton, Jr., U. S. A. Personnel Officer
Major G. P. DuBose, U. S. A. Business Manager
Major S. B. Olney, U. S. A. Assignments
Lieutenant W. L. Black, U. S. A. Hotel Manager
Captain A. Hart, U. S. A. Telephones
Lieutenant A. S. Gini, U. S. A. Auditing and Purchase
Lieutenant E. Kilpatrick, U. S. A. Supplies
Lieutenant D. W. Scovell, U. S. A. Photography
Mr. W. R. Brashear Repair and Maintenance
Lieutenant David Uhle, U. S. A. Printing
Captain Robert Kloeber, U. S. A. Transportation
Captain B. F. Yates, U. S. A. Branch Base Censor
Lieutenant L. N. Cobbledick, U. S. A. Army Post Office
Major A. J. Peaslee, U. S. A. Courier Service