Paris Peace Conf. 811.001/178a: Telegram

The Commission to Negotiate Peace to President Wilson

10. [From House.] Newspapers announce you are to make an important speech about the Conference upon landing at Boston.17 When you left I understood that you had no such intention. However in view of the dinner you are to give to the members of foreign relation committees of Congress18 I hope you will compliment them by making your first explanation of affairs over here to them and confine your Boston remarks to generalities. Edward House.

Am[erican] Mission
  1. Address at Boston, February 24, 1919, The Public Papers of Woodrow Wilson, authorized edition (1927) vol. v, pp. 432–440. An address was also given at New York, March 4, ibid., pp. 444–455.
  2. President Wilson gave a White House dinner on February 26, 1919, for members of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and the House of Representatives’ Committee on Foreign Affairs. Apparently no official record of the discussion was made.