Paris Peace Conf. 184.1/19

Memorandum by the Executive Officer of the Commission to Negotiate Peace (Patterson)

Memorandum No. 62

Subject: Personnel Committee.

A Personnel Committee, so called, consisting of Mr. Philip H. Patchin, Chairman, Captain Whitney Newton, Jr., Mr. C. B. Welsh and Captain R. C. Patterson, Jr. as member ex-officio, has been appointed.
This Committee will pass on applications for additional personnel. Such applications should, as at present, be transmitted to the Personnel Officer, Captain Newton, who will refer them to the Personnel Committee which will in turn submit its recommendations in connection therewith to the Commissioners through the Secretary of the Commission.
This Committee will also effect any reorganization of the present personnel of the Commission necessary to increase the efficiency of the Commission staff and to this end it will consult with all the chiefs of sections to secure their recommendations and suggestions as to personnel. The Committee will meet daily at 3 P.M. and any member of the Commission staff desiring to discuss matters of personnel with the Committee may do so at this time.
The Commissioners consider that it is of greatest importance that problems of personnel be studied closely so that personnel in the different divisions may be neither superfluous nor inadequate and for this purpose the co-operation of all officials with the Personnel Committee is earnestly requested.
R. C. Patterson, Jr.

Captain, U. S. A.

J. C. Grew,