Paris Peace Conf. 184.001101/22

Minutes of Meeting of the Steering Committee, August 21, 1919, at 2 p.m.

  • Present:
    • Dr. James Brown Scott
    • Col. U. S. Grant
    • Mr. J. F. Dulles
    • Mr. Woolsey
    • Mr. A. W. Dulles (Secretary)
The Committee discussed the programme of the work of the Coordinating Committee and the attitude of the British delegate.
Dr. Scott explained the situation in regard to the nationality clauses of the Austrian Treaty and gave a history of the steps which had led up to the draft which was at present submitted by the Drafting Committee to the Political Committee.
Mr. A. W. Dulles stated that he had discussed the nationality clauses with Mr. Headlam Morley and would, if the Committee saw no objection, attend the meeting of the Political Committee with Mr. Nielsen when the clauses next came up for consideration.
Dr. Scott stated that the Drafting Committee had noted the confusion which had arisen in the draft of the Austrian Treaty through the use of the term “Austrian national” to refer both to subjects of the former Austrian empire and citizens of the new Austrian republic. He stated, therefore, that the Drafting Committee had decided upon the following terms which would be uniformly used throughout the Treaty:
“Subject of the former Austrian empire”—to indicate former nationals of the old Austrian Monarchy.
“Austrian national”—to indicate citizens of the new Austrian Republic.
It was decided to hold no meeting, Saturday August 23rd.

The meeting adjourned at 2:45 P.M.