Paris Peace Conf. 185.161/8

Major George L. Berry to Colonel E. M. House

My Dear Colonel House: Confirming my conversation with you relative to the matter of the coming Labor Conferences in France between the representatives of organized labor of the several countries of the Allies, I beg to now request that if it is found possible that I be assigned to the work of intermediate between the United States Peace Mission and the several labor groups which are to convene in this City.

I desire again to draw your attention to the fact that I am personally acquainted with the representatives of labor in England, Belgium, France, Italy and Germany, aside from being personally acquainted with the representatives of every International Labor Union of the United States and the members of the Mission from the American Federation of Labor shortly to arrive in France under the leadership of Mr. Samuel Gompers. These men are associates of mine with whom I am thoroughly acquainted. I am now on leave from the International Pressmen’s Association of which I am the President.

I am unassigned to any military duty at this time having arrived in France as a casual. Therefore, I am sure that it would be possible to have the assignment which I request and if this is found possible, I am sure that I shall be able to render service that will justify the confidence of you and your colleagues.

Very sincerely yours,

Geo. L. Berry